Step 1: Registering on eBay

Step 1: Register as an eBay Member

The first step to buying and selling at eBay is to register as a member. You need two things: be at least 18 years of age, and have a valid email address. If you have already registered, skip this step.

Registering on eBay is pretty straightforward, with three easy steps:

1.  Enter your information and password.
2.  Read and accept the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Click the Submit button.
3.  Check your e-mail to ensure your registration.

To start, click the “Register” link on the eBay Homepage:

Then, fill out the form on the “Get started with eBay” page.

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Your Password

Several rules must be followed to create your password:
• Use 6 to 64 characters
• A combination of at least two of the following: uppercase or lowercase letters (A-Z or a-z), numbers (0-9), and special characters (?_!@#)
• Password is case sensitive

What your password cannot be:

• Single words that can be found in the dictionary
• Similar to your user ID or email address
• A sequence of numbers or letters
• Other common passwords that can be easily guessed, including adding a number to a simple password

POWER SELLERS CENTER TIP: Easy rules for your password

• Create a password that’s secure, but still easy for you to
•The longer and more complex your password, the harder it will be to guess. Place numbers and punctuation randomly in your password.
• After creating your password, protect it. Don’t share your password with others.
• Avoid using the same password for your other online accounts, such as email, bank, or social networking accounts

• Don’t use personal information that others can easily obtain or guess such as your name, your spouse’s name, your pet’s name, birthdays, or address.

Protecting your password and account information

You can take the following steps to protect your password and account.

Password protection:

• Create a different password for each online account you have, including each user ID on eBay.
• Avoid using the same password for your eBay account and your email account, or using the same password that you use on other websites.
• Change your password often – at least every 60 days.
• If you believe that someone has obtained your password,change it immediately.
• Don’t share your password with others.

If there were no problems, you should get the following similar message from eBay:

Register on eBay

eBay now automatically assigns a User ID for you, however, you can change from the automatically assigned User ID to one of your choosing.

TIP: We advise you to change your eBay User ID if it has been compromised!

To change your User ID: login to eBay with your email and password. Next, click the My eBay link at the top of eBay’s website. Click on the Account tab and go down to Personal Information. Next, click “Edit” out to the right of User ID. You’ll be prompted to login to eBay again and once done, you’ll be at the page to enter your new User ID.

Your eBay User ID

A User ID is the unique name that you use to identify yourself on eBay and can be seen by all eBay users. Your User ID is displayed when you buy or sell on eBay or communicate with other eBay members. However, other users won’t be able to see your real name and other personal information. It’s easy to change your User ID later, but you can only change once per 30-day period.

Things to consider when creating a User ID:

•  Create a User ID that contains letters, numbers, and/or special characters and is at least six characters long.

•  Use a User ID that tells other members something about your business, but is not related to your personal information (for example, your name, your birthday, or the town you live in).

• Choose a User ID that you like and that you’ll easily remember

Things that you can’t include in a User ID:

•  Email addresses or Web address (for example,, or representations of email addresses or Web addresses (for example, animalprintparty as the User ID and – this is not allowed).
•  Another member’s User ID or another seller’s eBay Store name.
•  The @ , & , , ( , ) , < , or > character.
•  Consecutive underscores __ .
•  An underscore _ , dash , or period . at the beginning of a User ID.
•  The letter e followed by numbers.
•  Spaces or tabs.
•  Obscene or profane words.
•  The word eBay (only eBay employees may use eBay in their User IDs).

TIP: Easy rules for your User ID

•  Keep it simple – do not use funky punctuation or spellings
•  Keep it memorable
•  The shorter the User ID, the better

Account protection:

  • We suggest you review the privacy policies of third parties that offer you services to determine how your information will be protected.
  • Before entering your eBay password, make sure you are signing into a genuine eBay website. If you’re signing in to the U.S. eBay site, the web address (URL) will begin with
  • To make sure an email you received is really from eBay, sign in to “My eBay” and go to your “Messages.” Any messages sent to you from eBay should also appear there.
  • Use caution when someone asks for sensitive information through email. If you get an email requesting personal information and you’re unsure whether eBay actually sent it, check your “My Messages” inbox in “My eBay.” If the email is not there, it’s fake. Do not click any links or enter information. Instead, forward the email to

eBay’s User Agreement

By clicking the Submit button when creating your account, you are accepting the terms of eBay’s User Agreement and the eBay Privacy Policy. It is always a good practice to read these agreements prior to creating an account. You will be happy to know that eBay does not sell or rent your personal information.

NOTE: If you want two different eBay accounts:
Many members find that they need two accounts if they sell two different types of items, or they sell so many items that they need two accounts to keep things organized. You are welcome to register for two different eBay accounts with the following limitations.

•  The two accounts must have different User IDs and different email addresses.

•  The two accounts can never bid on each other’s listings or be involved in the same listing in any way, nor be involved with each other’s Member Profiles.

Get a seller’s account

In order to sell on eBay, there’s one more step. You will need to establish a seller’s account by providing your credit or debit card.

Ready to create your Seller’s Account? Click here to create your Seller’s Account

As always, Power Sellers Center students can contact their personal Instructor for any questions or concerns they have with this process. We will be happy to walk you through the process. You can also use the Private Message System to communicate with staff and alumni members!