Alternatives to eBay – Other Places to Sell!

Alternatives to eBay – Other Places to Sell!

The e-commerce landscape is constantly changing. eBay may have been the only game in town when it came to online auctions in 2000… but there are now a host of options out there for you to choose from.

That’s not to say that eBay didn’t have any competition way back then. There were several online auction houses and classified sites to choose from in the 1990’s but they just couldn’t compete with eBay when it came to traffic. eBay was also being nice to its sellers then.

But that was then and this is now. Other e-commerce sites are starting to take some market share from eBay. One reason for the seller and buyer drift from eBay may be caused by eBay executives sudden case of power intoxication. The eBay board has recently put in place sweeping changes to policy and practices, changes many sellers think were made to:

  • Squeeze more money out of the sellers using the site
  • Push the little guy from the site
  • Just irritate the sellers on the site


Here are just some of the changes eBay has put into place in the last five years:

  • Numerous increases in fees
  • Sellers are no longer able to leave neutral or negative feedback for buyers.
  • Pressure in Australia, the UK and the US to get PayPal as the only electronic payment system on the site.
  • Higher volume sellers get discounts and added benefits for staying with the site

Other part-time sellers have also commented on a spotty customer service record and tendency to cancel accounts with no disclosed reason and make it difficult for the person to re-open them.

That being said there are still few better places to bring traffic to your own e-commerce site or online shop as there are a still an incredible number of people shopping on eBay.

If you’re looking for an alternative to eBay or an adjunct to selling on eBay and/or you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, then turn the page for a list sites that you might want to check out:

General Auction Sites The site that needs no introduction…. If eBay was the alpha male of the eCommerce community then Amazon would be the community member always competing for top-dog position. And if recent examinations of spending figures are to be believed it’s making some ground on its claims to the ecommerce throne. For those people living under a rock, it was set up in 1998 and it owns the popular traffic volume monitoring application and site Alexa. does not charge any listing or final value fees, but does charge you for enhancements like bolding your listing and so forth. Low traffic however. Bidtopia has some unique ideas in that bidding and selling have to be done from separate accounts.  The site charges final value fees only and focuses heavily on $.99 auctions.  

Blujay: 100% Free. All features of blujay are free for buyers and sellers always. Post unlimited items and manage them from your My blujay. Listings last up to 180 days.

Each item can have up to 4 photos. Free Online Store! The site allows you to import your existing items from eBay and Craigslist, encourages direct contact between buyers and sellers, and prides itself on a quick listing process. No Listing fees, inexpensive Final Value Fees. Rakuten is a place to sell. Like, started out as a straight ecommerce shop trading electronic products before allowing other online vendors to trade through its site. eBid offers several country specific sites, free registration, no listing fees for auctions, and even offers you the ability to pay for a lifetime membership that will remove all final value fees from your listings. ePier is a 100% FREE marketplace community of buyers and sellers that are committed to buying and selling from one another first. There are no charges in browsing, posting, viewing, making offers, listing items, and NO Final Value fees when you sell on ePier. focus is on handmade products, including bath products, earrings, sweaters, and woodwork. Charges 20 cents to list an item and a 3.5 percent flat sales fee. iOffer is a unique marketplace that allow members to buy, sell, and trade the old fashioned way – by negotiating. All back and forth negotiations are openly visible on each item listing page. Offers you the chance to import your items and reputation from eBay and other sites. You can even post Wanted ads for items. is a marketplace where professional buyers can source commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets in an online environment. Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small package, and conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used. Product categories includes apparel, computers, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment, vehicles, and much more. Basic Online Auction registration is free, but verification will cost you $4 a month, and selling will cost you $8 a month.  Paying the selling fee will keep you from paying any Final value fees. Well known for their television ads and selling overstocked goods, Overstock allows users to list auctions on their site.  There are listing fees as well as final value fees, though FVF are half that of eBay’s. SalvageSale specializes in bulk auctions and items a bit too large for your standard UPS delivery truck.  This is the type of site you go to if you have pallets of products to unload, or large construction equipment. SOC Exchange charges a flat rate of $1 a month or $10 a year for unlimited auction listings with no listing or Final value fees. While it is free to list auctions, open a store and bid, Webidz charges you $5.00 to become a verified member, and you will be charged this fee any time you change your personal information. More polished than the others, Wigix boasts somewhere just over 2 million auction listings and also charges no fees either to buyers or to sellers when items are listed. The Wigix transaction fee calculator can help you to gauge your feelings about Wigix selling fees.

International Auction Sites

CQout: CQout is primarily UK-focused, but charges no listing fees, and only a 1.5% final value fee, which makes it one of the lowest in the industry that charge final value fees.

Gmarket: Gmarket, short for Global e-Market, is a popular auction site from Korea.  The site is available in both Korean and English, and welcomes buyers and sellers from all over the world.

OZtion: OZtion is free to register, and has no listing fees, but does charge final value fees with a maximum of $99.00.  The site focuses primarily on auctions inside Australia.

Souq: Souq focuses on auctions in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The site is available in both Arabic and English.

TradeMe: With approximately a quarter of all the residents of New Zeland having an account on TradeMe, it is considered the biggest website in the country.  They have expanded into many other areas such as real estate and a classmate locator.

Classifieds Craigslist started out as an email list of San Francisco events by Craig Newmark in early 1995.

When it comes to traffic, Craigslist gets more than its fair share. It gets more than 20 billion page views per month, which is the seventh largest figure in the world in terms of english-language page views. More than 50 million people use Craigslist in the US alone and Craigslist users self-publish about 50 million new classified ads each month.

It doesn’t cost to sell on Craigslist but if you’re interested in selling to a global market it might not be for you as you can usually only sell to one location.

Still worth checking out as it is free.

Kijiji: Kijiji isn’t so much of an eBay alternative as an eBay additive. This free global/local classified site is an eBay subsidiary and was set up to compete with Craigslist (a company that eBay owns 25% of, go figure.)

Kijiji has grown till it is the second largest free classified site in the market in the US and Canada at least and as of June 2009, attracted nearly 7 million monthly unique visitors and more than 400,000 live listings.

International Classifieds

Gumtree: Gumtree is proud to be the second biggest ecommerce site in the UK after eBay, with an absolutely massive audience in the UK. This site offers free classifieds to any UK resident that should choose to use them.