eBay secrets: Using the Auction Template Designer

eBay secrets: Using the Auction Template Designer

There have been many questions about using the Auction Template Designer for eBay listings. First, let’s get an understanding of how you use them. To be clear, the templates from Power Seller’s Center are not “uploaded” to your eBay listing.  You need to copy the one you want, and then paste it into the Description box on your eBay listing.

Note: if you are using a Mac computer, ensure you are using Firefox, not Safari or Chrome, for your web browser.

The most common mistakes with using the templates are:

  • Using an incompatible browser like Chrome or Safari
  • Pasting onto the HTML tab instead of the Standard tab
  • Attempting to copy pictures from eBay or their computer instead of a host like Photobucket.com
  • Pasting from an offline editor like Microsoft Word
  • Pasting into an already occupied description

Remember to counter these mistakes by:

  • Using a compatible browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Pasting only onto the Standard Tab
  • Copy Pictures from an online host like Photobucket.com or Imageshack.com
  • Do all of your editing and pasting on eBay using their editor
  • Only paste a template into an empty description box

Now, let’s go through the process for inserting the template into your listing. The process works best while having two browser tabs or windows open so you should have the Power Seller’s Center website open and in another tab/window, have your eBay listing creation page open.

First, you need to select the template you want to use from Power Seller’s Center Auction Template Designer by opening the Auction Template Designer. Go to the Quick Launch buttons at top left of main course page and click the button as shown below:

 photo auctiontemplatebuttonlocale_zpsac15d291.png

Then, select your color scheme by clicking the color link for the color you want to use:

Next, you need to select a template .  Each link will take you to a page where you can see what the template looks like, so you can check a few out and see which one you like the best. 

 photo selectatemplate_zps52ddebe2.png

Once you’ve decided on the template you want to use, then you need to click on the Select HTML button in the upper right-hand corner:

This will ONLY highlight the template for you.  It will look like this below:

The next step is to right-click on some of the highlighted words (if you are using a Mac, you need to press and hold down the CONTROL key on your keyboard and click your mouse) and a small dropdown menu will appear, and you need to select “Copy“:

 photo rightclickselectcopy_zps85bc94c1.png

Now, we need to go to the eBay listing form and scroll down to the Description  box and make sure that the Standard tab is selected, and click the mouse inside the Description box so you have a blinking cursor (see below):

 photo clickstandard_zps504de6cc.png

Once your cursor is in the Description box and is blinking (it will look like you are able to type something) then you need to right-click near the blinking cursor (if you are using a Mac, you will need to press and hold down the CONTROL key on your keyboard and click the mouse) and a dropdown menu will appear, and you will need to select “Paste“:

 photo rightclickselectpaste_zpsda5c931f.png

And that will do it! You’ll have pasted in the template , and can make changes to the words to add your own description at this point!

Want to add pictures in your Description? See eARTICLE in Topic 6: Using Photobucket to Add Images to Your Description