eBay secrets: Using Photobucket to Add Pictures

First, you need to upload your picture(s) to your Photobucket account, so log in and click the Upload button:

 photo uploadphotobucket1_zps311fd918.png

Then, you will be taken to the upload page, and you will need to click on the button to “Choose photos and videos

 photo uploadphotobucket2_zpsafe824f3.png

Another, smaller window will open, and from that you will need to select the picture you want to upload:

 photo uploadphotobucket3_zps15aef6fc.png

I can select my Desktop or my Libraries on the left of that small window, to identify the picture I want to upload, and use the scroll bar on the right to browse through the available files:

 photo uploadphotobucket4_zps7349c69f.png

Once you find your image, click on it to select it, and then click the Open button, and Photobucket will then go through the process of uploading the image to your Photobucket account.  When the upload is done, you will see a message about the picture being uploaded successfully, you then want to click on the Library link:

 photo uploadphotobucket5_zps1ca48ed8.png

You will then be taken to your library of images in your Photobucket account, and you will want to locate the image you want to upload (usually the most recent image is the one displayed first, but you may need to scroll down the page) and then click on it!   This small version of your image is called a ‘thumbnail’ and we don’t want to copy the thumbnail because its very small.

 photo uploadphotobucket6_zps39cad4e2.png

Once you click on the thumbnail of the image you want to use in your listing, you’ll be taken to the larger, full-size version of your picture, and you will want to then RIGHT-CLICK on the image itself.  (For MAC users, you want to press the COMMAND key and click your mouse button):

 photo uploadphotobucket8_zps0e32d32b.png

A small dropdown menu will appear, and then you need to left click on the Copy option.

NEXT, go back to your eBay listing form, and locate the small gray eBay logo inside the template that reads “insert image here” and LEFT-CLICK on it to select it.  You will see little square boxes appear around the edges (these boxes are called “handles”) of the image when you have selected it (see image below):

 photo leftclickgethandles_zps6d4bcaab.png

Then, once it is selected, RIGHT-CLICK on the image (for MAC users, press the COMMAND key and click your mouse) and select “Paste” from the menu that appears:

 photo rightclickselectpaste_zps91d9c384.png

And that will insert your image! The reason for hosting the image on Photobucket is that the template is written in HTML code, and the code cannot “see” the picture if the picture is not available on the internet.  This is why we upload images to Photobucket, so that the images will be on the internet where the template can “see” the image and display it.

Copyright 2014, Power Sellers Center