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Good Afternoon Interested Party,Great to talk to you about Power Sellers Center! We think you will be very happy with your investment into the program.We’ve taken a new approach to coaching, consulting, and business services. Our system is built upon a 15+ year, proven educational platform coupled with superior content and highly paid, field-proven consultants who are actively working in the eCommerce sector. This formula produces success for our clients that is second to none.

We realize that in the end you, the client, are our most important resource, and we can think of no better way of taking care of you then by taking care of you with LIFETIME access to education, tools, resources and support. Including Technical Support.

We want nothing more than to be able to make you succeed…profoundly…..it’s what we do!

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SO WHAT DO OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT US?Thousands of current students trust Power Sellers Center to deliver the products, services, tools, and real-life experience they need to succeed in their businesses. While they came to us for our quality services, our focus on client satisfaction is why so many have built long-term business relationships with us. Featured below are a series of real video testimonials, shot with their own webcams and submitted to us, that represent the thoughts and opinions of several of our successful clients.

See what these real life students think of their experience with Power Sellers Center:

Arzu T. –  Lacombe, LA Glen B. – Shreveport, LA
Michael K. – Granite Bay, CA Michele R. – Manitoba, Canada
Leslie S. –  Marysville, WA


“I have approximately 40 years of business experience in Accounting , Management, Sales & Marketing including owning my own business.  I have done post graduate work in Administration, completed several preparatory study courses for the CPA Exam, Real Estate Broker’s License and California Contractor’s License .  I try to combine academic knowledge with practical application in order to be the best I can be in my business goals to serve my customers, the company I represent and everyone I interact with in my business community.Power Sellers Center & their education system has presented me with an opportunity to develop a foundation of knowledge , experience , ethics and principles that far exceeds any other educational opportunity I have experienced as described in the above paragraph .  ” By Far”

Power Sellers Center provides an incredible TEAM of instructors, coaches and mentors.  The respect they project for their students and noticeably one another is so uplifting.  I ask many questions and I was very concerned about the responses I would get. The reason for my concern is that I like clear relevant no fluff practical answers.  I am very discerning in determining when someone knows what they are talking about. With every written or verbal question presented I was provided with answers and instructions every single time that more than satisfied me. If the instructors do not know immediately (most of the time they do) they research the answer and get back to me generally within the day or 24 hours).  This is an elite group of teachers.

What I like most about power Seller is that I believe that this College provides  a powerful resource of Guidance , Knowledge and Professional Mentors for my entire business career in eBay marketing. This educational program permits me to be a true professional because of their example and teachings.  The emphasis on integrity and business ethics and high business standards is truly appreciated. What I also liked was that every single person I talked to made me feel like I was cared for and my issue was important to them. I was encouraged and inspired by their politeness and sincerity.

In the past few weeks I have learned the basics & procedures of eBay in detail.  I have also learned how I can learn more with the tools , reference library & communications forums made available. I have learned how to best present my products for sale not only to make a profit but more importantly to provide my customers with products that are sold and delivered to them such that they are totally satisfied with their delivered product & my service.  This includes buying what they expected and all the details taken care of  by both procedural methods and proper and prompt communications during the business transaction.  My goal is to be a part of that already existing group of business men and women who are making eBay purchasing a rewarding opportunity.  It is challenging but I can see as i am being taught how i can establish within my customers the awareness that buying on eBay is top rated buying experience.  I am learning how to be a good business man in the area of market research so that I maximize my opportunity for success.  I am re-learning some basic business principles and practices such as planning, accounting, taxes, organization and time management.  I have grown leaps and bounds in developing computer skills both in concepts and efficient utilization of  of the procedures and application.

Recently I have had the opportunity to consider other home based business based upon using the Internet. I have reviewed perhaps 6 to 8 training or coaching systems.  There is no comparison between even the best of the others to Power Sellers Center.  Their knowledge, method of training, communication systems, and customer service is beyond anything I am able to compare it to.

In conclusion I want to say this training program has been very challenging for me.  It has not always been easy but interestingly it has never been frustrating.  I always noticed that the answer was somewhere in the system and when I couldn’t find it on my own I asked and the answer was given. I sincerely feel that I am being prepared to be the best I can be.”

Michael K.
Granite Bay, CA

“Power Sellers Center is the best choice I have ever made in my life. I want to start to my words by thanking everybody who works there one by one, EBay, especially the “genius”, who came up with this idea of founding this company.As a used car dealer in Louisiana, working 24/7 at a limited and a highly risky market for 12 years, I finally had the best thing happened to me 3 months ago. The car business DIED, which pushed me looking into another source of income that can replace my ex-car business. I am telling you now “it was hard!” It was hard to switch to another profession at 43 years old, after having the comfort of owning your own business. I was experienced in it, I new the in and outs, I could generate a good income. It was even harder to think of another profession that I could gain in a few months time to replace my income while bills were hitting right and left. Looking for a way out, I have found myself in front of a computer typing in “Business from Home” and there…. phones started ringing of the hook. Company after company, school after school. It was hard to trust anybody, any company or collage. They all seemed like they only wanted to get my money. I was always exited about doing business on-line and knowing that this could be my future business, I was disappointed,  had the feeling I was going in the wrong direction because of the people I have been talking. I realized they were all trying to sell me something; a book, a course on line, a search tool, a web-site, a membership before even trying to understand what I was planning on doing.

I didn’t know where to start from, and here they were trying to sell me a web-page or a domain name, it was overwhelming. I was ready to give up. Then, someone called me from Power Sellers Center. He talked to me for an hour, about my goals, my expectations, and my willingness to do this on-line sales training. That’s when I could tell the difference of this highly professional company from the others. They said they were going to interview me to see if I am eligible to join them. ??? That was interesting!!! I thought I was interviewing them!. Now the tables have turned. They took my matter in their hands, no false guarantees, no hurry to sign me up, in fact it took days to get into this collage. Interview after interview… I even started getting nervous, what if they didn’t accept me? The price seemed high at the beginning, but that little voice inside, told me to do it! I could feel, hear and see how professional they were. I have started with the medium fee and ended up, upgrading it to the highest level. Let me tell you now, this was the smartest investment I have ever made in my entire business life.

From day one, I was so impressed with the system, that still blows my mind, everything you can possibly need is provided by this school and with a life time usage and coaching. I haven’t graduated yet, almost there.. but the information given to me up-to now is incredible! It will fit in to a 4 year of collage knowledge. I am happy happy happy and so thank-full for Power Sellers Center .The education they offer, is literal besides applicable. You are being set up to sell from class 1. Here in class 3, you are selling a few stuff here and there already, learning  and applying your knowledge safely to practice. Can any education be more encouraging and fun than this? It’s been only 2,5 months since I have started this program and I am already a great seller, seeing opportunities, confirming selling potentials with the tools they offer on their web-sites. I am finally FREE! I can work whenever and where ever I want . Thank you”

Arzu T.
Lacombe, LA

“The coaches and instructors have been through the experience of selling on eBay, and have been very successful, having reached the Power Seller level.  Since they have experienced do it and have successfully accomplished it, they are the best teachers/coaches to train/teach us.   They have the knowledge and expertise.What do I  like best about Power Sellers Center? Everything!  How can I pick just one thing!  They do it all correctly with the proper sequence of development:  (1) The tutorials, the tests, putting the Topic section into practice by “doing it”.  (2) Then there are the softwares to help you get detailed searches:  Auction Research, Turbo Lister, and Quick Value Check. (3) Then there are the critical “nitty gritty”Topics: Product Sourcing, Wholesalers, Dropshipping, Closouts and Liquidaters, and two full sections on Product sourcing with China. Also, so very important, is that (4) there is always help when you need it, whether it be via email to your coach or forums for your questions or forums for technical problems.

Since I knew nothing at first, I’m learning a lot!  Since I am still studying, I’ll be learning even more.  I learned (1) that you must properly research before you list and (2) how to do so, esp. with their terrific software and then (3) how to properly list, including enhancements and how to properly take photos of your items.  I also learned (4) the hot times to end your listing (start and end times).  I am now anxiously getting into the “nitty gritty” topics:  (5) How to find the products that are hot sellers and product sourcing.  I can’t wait until I find my products and sources and put this all into practice!  This will take long and be a lot of work for me.  I pray I am successful.  That is why Power Sellers Center is here – to make me successful.  Let’s do it!”

Charlotte C.
Wilmington, DE

“I am a miracle survivor of a dissected aorta, the same health condition that resulted in the death of John Ritter. My physical activities are now limited. Because I enjoy the internet so much, I decided to begin the eBay course and set in motion a supplement to my income. I feel very positive about this business venture and am happy to be active again in some way.  Just had to let you know that as of tonight, I have a gross listing revenue of $939.98 since I began this course. All sales have been in jewelry. I am very pleased and excited. This system works! Thanks for the assistance and mentoring!!”Deborah Levering
Wichita, KS
“I think that the Power Sellers Center System is excellent. It is very easy to follow and the steps are not too huge from week to week.  The feedback is very good and there is plenty of assistance along the way.  It all looks very daunting at first, but the structure is easy to follow. The knowledge of the coaches and instructors is first rate.  Plenty of guiding and help along the way.  Nothing seems to be too much trouble.  Everything is explained and the personal contact each week (along with the tasks) certainly keeps me on the straight and narrow!What do I like best about my experience with Power Sellers Center? This would have to be the personal contact and the helpful critiques of assignments.  It’s great that someone cares and is very helpful.  Thank you!!! Now my (our) goal is to become a power seller with my own eBay store AND my own web based business that is able to sell to the world!

Since joining Power Sellers Center I have learned that eBay isn’t that hard.  I had been dreading listing things on eBay. I’d bought stuff and that was it.  I have learned that presentation is the key to selling. And that telling the truth in the description, with excellent photos and packing correctly and shipping in a timely manner will get the sales and feedback that I need to succeed on eBay. I can’t get over how quickly Robert Allen finds the product sources for people on Wednesdays “Product Sourcing” chat,  Amazing! Oh, and I sold my first item on eBay!! Yahoooo!”

Grahame West
Golden Beach, Queensland, Australia

“In the recent past I found myself processing major, life, and career changing events.  Without detailing all that was happening with me personally, and affecting others of my inner circle, I found myself researching e-Commerce opportunities.  I focused my efforts strictly to online revenue paths for several reasons.  My career in high tech, high sales volume medical sales, required 30 years of constant travel.  By car for 10 years, by plane thereafter, both of which required an average of 3 nights a week, every week on the road.  And after all the time and effort I still had no control of external factors.  A change in direction was timely, and necessary.I found the Power Sellers Center program offered the exact, long term opportunity fitting of my needs.  It gave structure in a new world, that of a computer based business.  I began as a computer “novice”, and the course allowed me to progress at my own pace as my computer knowledge allowed.  Not understanding clearly what I was venturing into, the supervision, class work, and tools were/are furnished in such a way everything makes sense, as long as I follow instructions.  As time passes I find all aspects necessary to build a successful e-Commerce business are being met.  I could not be happier, not only with the course, but the opportunity this course has given me.

Pertaining to the knowledge and professionalism of the instructors, I have some observations.  On an almost daily basis a coach, or instructor, make it obvious how little I knew, and how fast I am progressing.  They are serious people, helping us develop a serious business.  The program fits my personality to a tee.  I must have total control over my future, and one thing about PSC I am most pleased with, is every detail navigating course work moves me toward to my goals.

My long term goal is to build a business I can take anywhere.  If there is a computer signal, I can work, while sitting on atop a mountain on a motorcycle vacation, or in front of Fox Business Channel at home, I can be productive.  As important, more so actually, is that my income is based on the effort I put in.  I find the more time I put in, the more excited I get, and the more my goals change.  The income generated will allow me to live the life style I was accustomed to prior to those major changes I mentioned earlier.  I foresee building a business NETTING a minimum $100K my second year.  I am nearly 60 years old, and will decide at that time if it is enough, or just the teaser.  When it comes to money, I am a realist, and as I said, my goals are rapidly changing.

Power Sellers Center makes it possible to grow intellectually, while building a business to share with family members in need of a helping hand.  They are both going thru comparable issues on a personal and income level I am dealing with.


Joe White
Albuquerque, NM

“What do I think of the Power Sellers Center system? I think it is totally amazing!  To be able to set up an on-line course to teach a Marketing and Research business to individuals who are students who have not yet made up their mines in what field they would like to go in, people that maybe cannot find a job, disabled people that are confined to their homes and even retired people who are on a very limited income, that needs to supplement their income, is totally amazing.  The program with all the literature available on the Internet before you, video’s, ebooks, articles to read.  Everything is in order by Topic, a step by step learning tool that you can go back to time after time.  Video’s that get you ready for the next Topic or lesson with someone actually talking to you to get you prepared for what is coming up.  Amazing……………………………….What is my opinion as to the knowledge level of the coaches and instructors at PSC? All I can say in such a short time is WOW!!  I have never met so many nice people.  From the time I signed up to where I am now with my instructor, Whitley Nash, has been the most enjoyable time.  The knowledge level of the coaches and instructors is impeccable.  It has been totally enjoyable to be able to talk to each of them and have them all on the same page!!  Their voices are very pleasant on the telephone, the information that they give you comes over the telephone as if they are sitting in front of you and they have all gone through the same learning system as you so they all know what you are up against.  There has been a 100% enjoyable, and professional staff that I have been with and will continue to be with, until the end.  I look forward to the next sessions coming up.

My experience with Power Sellers Center has been most enjoyable.  I love the one on one with instructors and coaches.  They treat you as their only student, giving you their undivided time.  The experience has been like no other.  The instructors and coaches do not play favorites, they do not treat you as inexperienced, the conversations with any one in any one department is truly a great, enjoyable and satisfying experience.  All personnel is there for you, when, where and for whatever reason you need them.  What better experience would anyone want.  You have direct connections to them at all times whether it be email, telephone, cell phone, they are there for you and you alone.  The nice thing about this is they treat every student that is involved in learning the marketing and research field the same way.  You will not find this in any other college around.  I know, I have been there.  Truly, these people and the college are remarkable, with the materials they offer, the comfort of being with each coach or instructor, the time allowance on the subjects taught, how very easy they make it so you do not get up set or think that you cannot do this.  The coaches and instructors are with you every step of the way.  What better experience could you passably ask for.

I have set my goals high for me at this time.  I want to succeed and make money so that I can have a life I have always dreamed of.  I had doubts at first (one of my faults), thinking that this was beyond my intelligence.  After a while I thought why not.  I know the computer well, I have been in the professional field myself for 33 years in accounting and tax preparation.  I really wasn’t worried about the hours or work load, that is to be expected and the research field is right up my alley.  Now the marketing has me a little afraid, but again, doesn’t anything new thrown at you make you a little apprehensive?  I love a challenge and what a challenge this will be.  Exciting also fits into this picture, being able to get back in the game of listening, learning, searching, finding new opportunities to venture in this kind of business world.  Last but not lease, to have fun doing it, making money so you can enjoy life better without debt, mortgage’s, Social Security depleting, Medicare (who knows how much later that is going to last), basically be ready for anything that may be coming in the near future. If the younger generation can do it, so can I.   I may not have 4 or more years at a known college, but that does not mean I cannot apply my wits to a new career of Marketing and Research.  I find it very exciting, the learning part is going well, the college staff at Power Sellers Center are all so very helpful and very easy to learn from.  So I guess you can say, “Look out world, Luann is coming aboard”.

Luann Garchow
Plymouth, MI

“I have always wanted to sell on e-bay. When I first was talking to you all on the phone I was thinking I would never be able to do this, but I have to tell you that this the best thing that ever happened to me. I just love it. So far the Power Seller Collage System is Awesome! The coaches couldn’t be better I Love talking to Jennifer. She explains everything to where you can understand. It is just unbelievable how you can do everything and put pictures just right where you want them.  I have learned how to put things one-bay. I also have sold something so that there is just great. I will tell you that if I have the opportunity to tell someone I would tell them that Power Sellers Center System is great. I would recommend you all to them. This is all I have been talking about . I am so glad that I found Power Sellers Center!”Kathy Yeager
LaFrance, SC
“Power Sellers Center, has been a really positive experience for me. My coach Rob Allen, has been instrumental in teaching me the entire eBay process, which I had previously been very intimidated by. I am completely proficient at selling and buying (unfortunately!) on eBay at this point!Power Sellers Center “Live Assist System” is an excellent asset and tool for anyone who is computer challenged. Any problems that I have with my computer, can usually be ironed out by their Technical Support Department…. an added bonus.

Working with Rob has been a wonderful opportunity. He is the ultimate professional, kind and inspirational in my quest to bring products to market.

I highly recommend Power Sellers Center to anyone wishing to excel in the world of eBay!”

Faith W.
Madison, CT

“The Power Sellers Center system works really well.  You don’t need to have previous knowledge of eBay or selling online.  When I started the course I had no experience with buying or selling on the Internet.  The Power Sellers Center course topics step you through the process.The coaches and instructors are extremely knowledgeable.  They all have their area of expertise.  I was lucky enough to work with Jennifer.   Jennifer was extremely patient with me and anytime I needed assistance with a subject, she would respond back quickly.  The course includes coaching calls for the first few months.  Once a week I could talk with Jennifer about that week’s topics.  The college also offers a nightly “Chat”.  There are usually 2 – 3 instructors on and any questions you might have they are there to answer.  Chat is opened to present and past students and is a great asset for any student.

Power Sellers Center is like a small community.  Everyone helping everyone else.  Instructors help students and occasionally students help students.  It’s been a very positive experience for me.  You certainly feel that everyone from the College wants you to succeed.

Power Sellers Center has opened up a whole new world for me.  I have always wanted to work from home and this course has given me the opportunity and the confidence to do this.  I currently have 2 stores online and will be working hard to reach Power Seller level in the next few months. ”

Michele R.
Glenboro, MT

“Power Sellers Center is Simply the BEST! I am a 50 year old grandmother and this course has changed my life.  I was scared of online school but this program is VERY user friendly. I can study at my own pace 24/7. It has given me the FREEDOM to be MY OWN Boss, Set and earn my desired income level! In these hard economic times I was worried about being able to afford a program like this but they custom made a program just for me!The Instructors are awesome. Got a question? If you can’t wait for your weekly coaching call just pop into daily chat! You never know what you are going to learn from chat!

This school has ALL the resources you will ever need, from the Product Source Directory with hundreds of listings…to the library with tons of ebooks!

This school has changed my life, no more traffic jams, no more crabby bosses. I always wanted my own business and Power Sellers Center is helping me achieve my dream!

I would recommend this course to everyone young and old…Ready to be your own boss??? Then come and join us!”

Leslie S.
Washington State

“Having come from a teaching background, I find the curriculum at Power Sellers Center (PSC) to be well-organized, in incremental steps of information and practical application, and extremely comprehensive.  Before enrolling in PSC, I had never been on the eBay site or any similar site; yet, I now feel confident in buying and selling there.  PSC, not only teaches you how to succeed, they give you the tools (including software downloads, etc.) to attain it.I cannot praise the coaches and instructors at PSC enough.  They not only make themselves available at all times through the message system, they actually respond to you in a very short time, having the detailed answer to your question.  Besides being extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects, they are willing to share their experiences as they know what it is like having been (or still being) power sellers themselves.  I have also found them to be supportive and an emotional crutch to lean upon when one becomes discouraged and wants to “throw in the towel.” They empathize and encourage you onward when your spirit hits “rock bottom.”

The one thing I will always remember about PSC is the time and attention the staff gave to me when I was having difficulty downloading one of their programs. All of the other students in PSC had been able to successfully download this program accept me.  Once my instructor knew that I was having problems, he immediately informed the technical support department at PSC. A representative from that department called me and worked for over two hours trying to put the program on my new computer.  He knew immediately upon seeing my screen what the problem was but his attempts did not rectify the situation. True to his word, he called me the next morning, and promptly installed the program.  He and his staff had worked overnight rewriting part of the program just so that I could have access to this software.  Now, I have never heard of this kind of service in today’s world where everyone is out for themselves. PSC could have “blown me off” saying it was my problem and there was nothing they could do about it. That would have been the response of most businesses today, but not that of PSC.  They genuinely care about their students and show it through their actions.

With a great deal of trepidation, I signed up at PSC.  I had heard about all the scam artists out there taking your money and training you to work from home.  I had not heard anything about PSC but signed up, hoping and praying they weren’t like all the other companies advertising to train you to work at home.  To my delight, they are what they say they are. Now where do you find a company like that today??

In summary, I would recommend PSC, without hesitation, to anyone who is contemplating having their own Internet business.”

Shirley L.
Voorhees, NJ

“When I was first contacted about Power Sellers Center I have to admit I was VERY skeptical and hesitant because of previous experience with other coaching systems that did not begin to meet my expectations nor fulfill their promise to me.  The man who talked with me was very patient and over the course of three or four phone calls answered all my questions and kindly showed me step-by-step the system Power Sellers Center has laid out.  I was impressed with the specific course outline with clear, easy-to-understand steps to take the newbie from baby step one right on down the list to the final goal of becoming a Power Seller.  At present I have finished close to two-thirds of the topics and everything has been very informative and easy to follow step-by-step.My personal coach has been very helpful and instructive on my coaching calls, giving encouragement and offering advice from his own years of personal experience.  He also has been able to share what he went through when starting out so that helped me realize I wasn’t going through some strange learning curve by myself, but that those that were not successful had themselves gone through these same struggles but were able to overcome and how serve as mentors and teachers.

The on-line chat sessions are very instructive and all of the teachers there have been friendly and helpful to give direction and advice.  And when a student reaches a new goal or reaches an exciting level of accomplishment, they all show their enthusiasm for that student’s achievement.  The instructors that I have been in contact with have all shown great knowledge of their business and have been willing to share tidbits and give information where the student can go to get more help or guidance on his or her problem.  It has been reassuring to know these instructors are practicing what they teach and are examples of what others can do themselves.

Power Sellers Center has helped me overcome my fear of selling on-line.  The feedback from the teachers for my first auctions and assignments helped me see areas where I could improve and all the great helps and videos gave clear examples of what to do and how.

The two other coaching systems I have previously attempted do NOT come close to what Power Sellers Center has to offer and what Power Sellers Center does accomplish.  For example, one system promised 30 minutes coaching sessions but most were over in 15 minutes.  They also stated to help educate in “achieving profits through the use of on-line auctions such as EBay, Amazon and Yahoo auctions”, but the coaching instruction was very limited and you had to dig it out for yourself on their “library”.

I am glad I made the commitment to try “one more time” and join Power Sellers Center.  Not one time have I regretted this decision and I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone looking this way to accept the great and in-depth instruction of this wonderful course.”

Thank you,

Glen B.
Shreveport, LA

“Power Sellers Center has been my life saver.  I am a CPA who has been out of work for two years.  Being close to “retirement” age, I have little chance to land a job when the market warms up.  Changing careers to something where I can earn money now and indefinitely into the future is of primary importance.  This new business is my “pension” for the future, and the chance to continue to lead a comfortable life.I knew from the start that I had chosen the right coaching and training for my studies.  There are many stand-out systems used by Power Sellers Center.

Here are just a few:

·         Every instructor is a successful eBay Power Seller with practical as well as book knowledge.

·         Each student has a personal instructor/coach who coaches by telephone on a regular weekly basis.  This coach is also available for questions at any time by a private message system with a very fast response rate.

·         In addition, the team of coaches works together and questions will be answered very promptly by one of them when entered on the Q & A board, which is available to all students.

·         The lessons follow in a logical order and are a mixture of video, e-Books, testing by multiple choice, and projects such as listing items for sale or writing essays.

·         A chat is held with the instructors present ever weeknight at 7 PM ET.  Even when I don’t have a question, I learn something new at each chat I attend.

·         Power Sellers Center instructs us in the use of eBay accessories as well as having templates, marketing strategies and wholesaler and drop-shippers lists of its own.  They also have a large library of e-Books on relevant issues and software that can be downloaded for free.

Just as I knew that the college accounting courses I took after receiving a BS in Psychology would lead me to the Certified Public Accounting certificate and give me 20 + years of earning power; I know, without a doubt, that this program will lead me to a thriving business on eBay which will last me the rest of my life.”

Susan G.
Exton, PA

“How did those who were first starting out do it without this program ? I would have giving up a long time ago. You are providing a fantastic service here I am very pleased to have the Power Sellers College help. We can’t all be salesmen and not all of us have the gift of gab which is what it takes to make it in the selling world, or correction it used to be what you needed until now Thank You very much I for one like the help I receive from your Power Sellers College. Sure bet the older salesmen wish there had been a course like this when they first started. Here’s to hoping everyone has great success in their endeavors. I can also see that the more you list the easier it gets to place them on eBay. This sure does beat how you had to sell items before this program came along, since the world has gone to hell in a hand basket these days I am not so sure I would want to try selling door to door these days, especially when you are not even safe in your own home.”George W. and Barbara S.
Higbee, MO
“It has been a pleasure to learn under the tutor-ship of you and Power Sellers Center! You are very encouraging and very smart! Thank you ever so much for giving me the tools to not only succeed at eBay but to excel! I REALLY DON’T HAVE THE WORDS THAT MATCH MY SENTIMENT!  So meekly I just say Thank you And I’m sure I’ll be in chat and also utilizing that help phone number periodically. You guys are Awesome!”Mark and Glenda Z.
Los Molinos, CA
“I am amazed at the sincere and wonderful support and reassurance you are giving to me.  With your support alone, I cannot fathom failing at this venture. Your support you have already displayed to me and for me has enabled me to realize that I have made the right decision with  Power Sellers Center.  Having someone in “your corner” for personal support, is a must.  Since I have no one (no sympathy, please!!!), I am most grateful to you, and; of course to Robert Allen, for developing this college in order to help others, so that anyone can be educated and given the opportunity for “financial freedom”.  That is&ldots;. anyone who genuinely wants to “make the time” and put forth the effort required, in order to achieve their goals.”Judith J.
Canoga Park, CA
“I’ve been with Power Sellers Center as a student for a short time. I’m so excited about this great program. It’s a very well rounded, full of information, simplified so you can understand it, with all the help tools along with a personal tutor to answer questions and help you along this program. The e-Book are fantastic and out of this world. You can tell there was much time and effort in putting this together. These explain terms used, how to do it or the not to’s, step by step guidance as you learn all the different topic. They even make available different software that you’ll need to be successful. There is absolutely no reason if you go through this coarse and not know what you have to do to be successful doing e-Bay or even selling on other sites that is out there and do it in a professional and successful manner. The amount of information is awesome. Thank you for making this available to me. “Lindle R.
Bluffton, IN
“Well it’s time to admit I was wrong and hail to the chef. I’m sure all the teachers at Power Sellers Center are great, but I have dealt with one person , Rob Allen. And…It’s for me to admit I am wrong.When I first started the program I right away demanded my money back. I just went on disability, my mother was dying, divorce, credit cards, foreclosure,  ect. I wrote some pretty nasty e-mails and I had given up.. but Rob being a pain in the neck kept encouraging me over and over again. I said this Rob is a real pain. I kept trying to skip chapters in Power Sellers Center and he caught me everytime. He was real tough on me when he reviewed my eBay auctions and after I finished the courses I felt prepared and thought was ready to go worked 10 hour days and nothing, a sale here and a sale there and more nasty and vicious notes to Rob, and he would always reply politely with more suggestions and to “hang in there”.

This goodie goodie act was really getting to me, then he started giving me some real good tips and stayed with me ,and like a bell going off in my head, everything started to make sense. He had nurtured me like a little baby. He let me go out on my own and make mistakes, but was always there. I have to tell you this man is a genius. I myself am no genius. I have to give Rob his props. I was on life support for so long and he stayed with me and finally talked me off the ledge. I don’t have a store, I just do auctions. That’s all I wanted to do is just auctions. I just completed 2 months and sure I made mistakes, but I just went over $7,000.00 in sales! Thats nothing… I’m just a beginner and learn more and more everyday!  I just realized some of my own mistakes and my profit and sales will be doubled the next two months!

No one asked me to write this letter, I just had to give Mr Rob Allen of Power Sellers Center his props, and all the other teachers. Anyone thinking of giving up, please don’t. I never did file bankruptcy, and am currently in the process of paying off my credit cards and rebuilding my credit, AND PLEASE TRUST ME ON THIS ONE, IF I CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN!


Lucio T.
Boston, MA

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members in and behind Power Sellers Center. I worked with Thrive for over 12 weeks and I make this statement that I did not learn or understand as much as I did in 8 weeks with Power Sellers Center.  I am very grateful to all the coaches especially Robert Allen who works very closely with me. I think that the entire program is so well structured, they give  beginners such first hand experience and confidence in getting familiar with EBay. Another advantage with Power Sellers Center is that they have one coach assigned to you, which really helps! You gain that comfort level where you can ask the question you have without having to keep explaining as to what you have been doing. I also noticed that the coaches at Power Sellers Center update each other on the progress of of every student, which I thought was very encouraging!!! The coaches at Power Sellers Center have always been so prompt in answering all my questions and provide as much help as possible.The best part of Power Sellers Center is their Live Chat Room and the question answer forums. I think it is a GREAT IDEA! Just coming together every evening discussing our struggles , accomplishments, sharing ideas, answering questions in such an interactive way. Its amazing!!  This Program has also changed my life in a way that I have a desire to also help people achieve their goals of having a successful on-line business.”

Gayatri J.
Moundsville, WV