Using the Logo Creation Tool

Using the Logo Creation Tool

This article explains how to use the Logo Creation tool to create a great logo for your website/webstore.

How to start creating your logo

Start by setting your image size by using the sliders to set your width and height. Please note that the default is set to 700 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall, which works best in most cases, however, depending on the room you have for your logo on your website/webstore, you may need to adjust appropriately. You can also directly enter the width and height in pixels in the boxes next to each slider.

Next, add your logo text in the box “Enter Your Logo Text Below“. You can only have one line of text for your logo.

TIP: With the Logo Creation Tool, you can save multiple logos to My Gallery at the bottom of the page. This allows you to create more than one version of your logo! You will need to save each image in My Gallery to your computer when finished with the Logo Creation Tool. Once you close the tool, all images in My Gallery will be lost!

Use of Color Selectors

Canvas logo maker colors

By using the color selectors, you can change the color of the text, border of the text or background of the logo.
First you click on one of the three input fields to the left of the color wheel:

  • Letter
  • Letter Border
  • Background

Then you move the mouse over the circular color wheel. Clicking anywhere on the color wheel will change the square color selector box. Next, click on one of the three input fields to update the corresponding color. When one of the three fields is surrounded by black, it is then selected and activated. You can again change the color of the item by clicking on the color wheel.

You can also directly enter a hexadecimal color code in the input field if you have a specific color you want to use.. In this case, you must enter 6 hexadecimal digits or 3 digits, possibly preceded by “#”, but it is not necessary.

Font and text position

The position of your logo text can be moved within the image by clicking the Left / Right or Up / Down buttons.

You can change the font of your logo clicking the down arrow in the Font Selector (Choose Font) and choosing the font you want from the dropdown menu. Once you select your font, click the Apply Font button to apply the change.

The font size can be changed by using the font size slider, or by directly typing the number of pixels in the input field.

Adding a letter shadow

Check the box next to “Letter Shadow” to display a shadow behind your logo text. This can be more or less separated from the text, and more or less diffused. To do this, enter values in the “Offset” and “Blur” on the same line.

Adding a letter border

The text can have a border whose thickness is specified in pixels and can be shifted from the text. Default offset values are 0 and the edge is adjusted around the text.

The color of this border can also be defined by clicking the input field “Letter Border” next to the color wheel.

Adding an image or texture to the text or background of your logo

You can upload your own image to add to your logo. Click the “Browse…” button to navigate to the image on your computer and select it. The image name will display next to the browse button. Click the “Display my image” button to see your image in the canvas near top of page. If you would like your uploaded image to fill the entire canvas, click the “Stretch to fill” button.

Note: you MUST have set your canvas size to the size you want before clicking the “Stretch to Fill” button as you cannot undo the resized logo, however, you can click the “Remove my image” button and start over with your logo upload.

You can also add your uploaded image to the textures selction by clicking the “Add my image to textures” button. Once you have done that, you can now use your uploaded image as a background texture or as a texture for you logo text.

Add a second line of text to your image

You can add a second line of text to your image such as a tag line by doing the following. Once you have created your initial logo and are at the point you want to add your second line, click the “Copy this logo to My Gallery below” button either below the canvas or at the bottom of the logo creation tool page. You’ll now see your image in My Gallery. Right-click on your image and save it to your computer. Note the location of where you save your logo on your computer. Next, go up to “Add Image or Texture To The Text Or Background Of Your Logo” section and click the “Browse” button next to “Add your own image“. Navigate to your saved image on your computer and double click it to select and open it. Next, go up to the top of the Logo Creation tool and enter your second line of text.

Note: the text might be in the same location as your original text and will appear to be behind/over it. Once you have typed your text, move the text to where you want it with the directional buttons (Left, Right, Up, Down). With your new text, you can change the font, font size, color and other features.

Using textures

As with the color selector, textures can be applied to the text and/or logo background. Tick the appropriate box and click on a texture.

If you have checked “Transparent background” next to the color samples, the texture is obviously not displayed as a background texture. Using a Transparent background is perferred if you have a website/webstore that has a colored background already.

When choosing a texture, this replaces the background color. Conversely, when choosing a background color, it eliminates the texture.

How to save the logo that you created

Once you have added your image by clicking the “Copy this logo to My Gallery below” button, simply right-clickon the logo at the bottom of the page in My Gallery and choose to “Save As” or “Save Image As” to save the image to your computer. Please note the location of the folder you save your image too.

How to send your logo to Power Seller’s Center for upload

Send an email to Graphics by clicking the following link: and attach your saved logo/s along with any instructions. Ensure you include your name and your website domain.

DO NOT COPY your image from My Gallery and paste into your email. You MUST SAVE your logo and then add your saved image as an attachment.

A Power Seller’s Center representative will then assist you with uploading your logo to your website.